Questions on Brian Leiter

Philosophy Bites 74: Brian Leiter on Nietzsche Myths

  1. Why does Leiter think the idea of the evolutionary superman should not be held as Nietzsche’s most core philosophical contribution?
  2. Does Nietzsche think that all people are equal?
  3. Was Nietzsche a proto-Nazi or anti-semite?
  4. Do some research. What does qua mean in a philosophical discussion?
  5. If Nietzsche is not primarily fixed on the ubermensch, is his key concern the Will to Power? Why/why not?
  6. What is the Will to Power?

You also need to listen to the Philosophy: The Classics podcast on Rousseau and answer the questions (below) I gave you in class.

Descartes Slides for Revision

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perfect for today’s lesson…. (moral regeneration)

today we talked about ‘moral regeneration’ as a potential failing of Kant’s account of ethics… it is a difficult idea to really truly understand but watching this’ll help…. obviously the key outcome of the lesson is the logical inconsistency of Kant’s use of God, but if you would like to think more about whether an account of moral generation is required, watch shameless (series 9 episode 8 – on 4od today)


Richard Swinburne on the Soul

This interview is available on Julian Baggini’s blog. I haven’t listened to it yet (but I have read the book which he used this interview as research for. It’s really good), so we’ll try something new for this. I need you to:

Listen to the interview and come up with your own set of discussion questions (and notes of answers). We’ll talk through them.

There aren’t a whole lot dualists about these days, so this interview will be invaluable in writing a balanced answer, should you ever decide to address this area.